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Clinical trials are research studies that are aimed at people with the intention of evaluating a medical, surgical or behavioral intervention, according to the National Institute on Aging. Researchers use them to find and test new treatments, such as drugs or medical devices.

Cancer clinical trials are important for cancer treatment; they find and prove new ways to fight cancer. By participating in a clinical trial, you can find the best treatment for your cancer and help others who are struggling with cancer. Getting access to the right clinical trials and right treatments shouldn’t have to be overwhelming. That’s why Massive Bio uses the clinical trial matching service to match cancer patients to the right clinical trials based on the stage of disease, biomarker status, geographical location and past medical history.

Massive Bio’s number one priority is to create positive outcomes for cancer patients. With the Clinical Trial Matching Service and Virtual Tumor Board, you are one-step closer to reaching that positive outcome

Clinical Trial Matching

Find clinical trials for your case using our AI-powered platform which uses more than 100 data points to find the right trial for you.

Expert Case Analysis

Get a personalized treatment plan from specialized oncologists at the top cancer centers while working with your local oncologist.

Patient Stories

Read about other patients that have utilized the Clinical Trial Matching System (CTMS) to find the best clinical trial option.

Why Join A Cancer Clinical Trial?

Clinical trials for cancer patients provide access to brand new therapies that are evaluated by the FDA (Food and Drug Administration). Clinical trials are conducted to ensure the effectiveness and safety of new therapies in order to prevent, treat, or diagnose cancer.


Find Cancer Clinical Trials

Let Massive Bio’s virtual matching system do all the work for you. Our team finds the best clinical trial options for you, while you remain safe in your home, avoiding travel until the enrollment process is complete for the clinical trial of your choice. When your matching clinical trial results are ready, our experienced patient advocates will guide you through the process of trial enrollment and will even help handle any hurdles during the enrollment process. Our goal is to connect cancer patients to the latest therapies in emerging clinical trials to equip you with the tools to best fight your cancer. Contact us today to learn more about how we help cancer patients access clinical trials that are right for them.

Why Choose Massive Bio In Your Clinical Trial Search?

  • Massive Bio puts you first. Our world-class Artificial Intelligence based engine matches your unique characteristics and cancer to thousands of active trials closest to you.
  • Get a second opinion from US oncologists, without leaving your home.
  • Get free personalized cancer clinical trial matches in a timely and efficient manner.
  • Receive expert assistance and guidance throughout your clinical trial finding journey.

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